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One Bennett Park



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Also Known As 1 Bennett Park
Formerly 451 East Grand
Address 451 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611
Neighborhood Streeterville
Built 2016 - 2019
  • Residential
  • Skyscraper
Height 843 feet
Floors 70
Developer Related Midwest
Architect Robert A.M. Stern
Architecture firm Robert A.M. Stern Architects
Architect of record GREC Architects
Condominium interiors Robert A.M. Stern Architects
General contractor Lend Lease
Apartments 279 (at the time of opening)
Condominiums 69 (at the time of opening)


  • The 4th floor amenity deck is 44 feet off the ground.
  • There are setbacks on the 4th, 6th, 34th, 37th, 38th, 62nd, 64th, and 65th floors
  • There are green roofs on the 4th, 6th, 34th, 37th, 38th, 62nd, 64th, and 65th floors
  • At one time this was the location of Chicago's police headquarters.
  • At one time this was the location of a laboratory for the Kraft-Phenix company. Parkay margarine was invented in that lab.s
  • This building is named for the park next door which was co-developed with this building. The park is named for Edward H. Bennett, the Briton who co-authored the 1909 Plan of Chicago that guides the development of the city.
  • When this building was first proposed, it was going to have 450 residences. That number was reduced amid concerns from neighborhood groups.
  • On the outside of the 68th floor there is an architectural ornament that extends 3.75 feet over the sidewalk 777 feet below. The building pays the City of Chicago $400 a year in rent for the air occupied by that ornament.
  • The 41st floor, where there is an amenity deck and where the condominiums start, is 450 feet off the ground.
  • This was the first skyscraper in Chicago designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects
  • Apartments are on floors four through 39.
  • Condominiums are on floors 41 through 66.
  • At the time this building opened, the smallest condominium had two bedrooms and was 1,737 square feet. The largest was four bedrooms at 7,500 square feet.
  • Condominium residents have access to a private valet service.
  • At the time this building opened, it was the tallest in the Streeterville neighborhood.
  • According to Donald Biernacki, a Senior Vice President of Related Midwest, a Chicago architecture firm wasn't chosen for this building because Related Midwest's parent company already had a good working relationship with Robert A.M. Stern Architects.
  • The top floor of this building is 65 feet tall, and used for mechanical systems.
  • The top floor of this building is illuminated, and called "The Lantern" by the development company.
  • Apartment and condominium residents have separate lobbies.
  • The apartment lobby faces North Peshtigo Court.
  • The condominium lobby faces Bennett Park.
  • The condominium amenities are on the 41st floor.
  • This building was designed to avoid blocking the views from the outdoor spaces of neighboring 500 North Lake Shore Drive, which was co-owned at the time of its construction.


March 2016 Groundbreaking
July 2016 The first construction permits were issued.
February 2017 This building reached 100 feet tall.
August 2017 This building surpassed its neighbor, 500 North Lake Shore Drive, in height.
September 2017 Construction reached the 50th floor (540 feet).
January 2018 This building topped off.
July 2018 Two "urban explorers" climbed this building's 900-foot-tall construction crane and posted a video of themselves on the internet.