Chicago Architecture Info

Clark Street Bridge



Address Chicago, Illinois 60611
Built 1929 - 1931
  • Bridge
  • Infrastructure
Developer City of Chicago
Built by
  • Fitzsimons and Connell Dredge and Dock Company
  • The Ketler-Elliott Company
  • Norwood-Noonan Company
  • M.J. Boyle and Company
Maximum length 346 Feet
Width 38 feet
Height above water 20 feet


  • This is the 8th bridge to span the Chicago River at this point.
  • This is a double-leaf bascule bridge
  • This bridge is the subject of a poem by Carl Sandburg.


June 4, 1989 A plaque was placed on this bridge, near the water line, commemorating the 1915 Eastland Disaster. The Eastland was a tour ship that rolled over when fully loaded, killing 844 people.
April 2000 The Eastland disaster plaque was stolen.
July 2003 A replacement Eastland plaque was placed on this bridge, at street level.
2012 A plaque was added to this bridge honoring Herman Schuenemann. He was a schooner captain who for decades brought Christmas trees to Chicago each year and sold them, or gave them away to the poor. He died in 1912 when his schooner, believed to be overloaded with Christmas trees, sank in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.
July 2015 A bas relief was added to this bridge honoring those killed in the 1915 Eastland disaster.