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One Chicago



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  • One Chicago Square
  • 23 West Chicago Avenue
  • 740 North State Street
Also Known As
  • Holy Name Tower
Neighborhood Gold Coast
Built 2019 - 2022
Cost $850,000,000
Developer JDL Development
Architecture firms
  • Goettsch Partners
  • Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture
  • Office
  • Skyscraper
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • East tower: 971 feet
  • West tower: 574 feet
Maximum permitted height
  • East tower: 1,011 feet, two inches
  • West tower: 654 feet
  • East Tower: 76
  • West Tower: 49
  • East Tower (Tower A in original plans)
    • 44th floor
    • 46th floor
    • 48th floor
    • 50th floor
    • 52nd floor
    • 54th floor
    • 56th floor
    • 65th floor
    • 67th floor
    • 70th floor
    • 72nd floor
  • West Tower (Tower B in original plans)
    • 36th floor
    • 41st floor
    • 44th floor
    • 49th floor
Residences at completion
  • East tower:
    • Apartments: 276
    • Condominiums: 77
  • West tower:
    • Apartments: 459
Maximum number of residences permitted at opening 869
Site size 96,218 square feet
Floor area ratio 16.0
Building size 2,200,000 square feet
Office space at opening 55,000 square feet
Retail space at opening 188,000 square feet
Minimum number of parking spaces required at opening 865
Minimum number of loading docks required at opening 5


  • This was formerly a surface parking lot belonging to Holy Name Cathedral. As part of the deal for developing this property, Holy Name was given access to parking in this building. It was one of a number of Chicago churches that sold their parking lots to real estate developers in the early 21st century.
  • Although it appears that this development encompasses the entirety of the city block where it is situated, one small building is not part of it. 731 North Dearborn contained a dry cleaner and an Italian restaurant when this building went up. It was the only building on the block not demolished to make way for this project.
  • The original paperwork filed with the City of Chicago had this building's east tower rising to 1,011 feet, and the west tower to 654 feet.
  • This building was originally expected to be 1,045 feet tall, then 1,011 feet, then 962 feet.
  • This building's loading dock area includes a large turntable to spin delivery trucks around, so they don't block traffic while trying to back into the building.
  • 68 apartments help hide the parking deck inside this building's podium.
  • This development contains one tall tower, and one small tower; mirroring the towers of Holy Name Cathedral across the street.
  • Construction of this building erased a pubilc east-west alley between West Chicago Avenue and West Superior Street.


October, 2017 Plans for this project were first announced.
October 24, 2017 The first public meeting was held about this project.
January, 2019 The first soil sampling rigs were spotted in this location.
March, 2019 The Chicago Plan Commission approved this project.
March, 2019 Demolition work started for this project.
April 23, 2019 The groundbreaking ceremony was held for this building.
June, 2020 The first panes of glass were installed in this building.
December, 2020 This building reached 50 stories.