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One Museum Park


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  • One Museum Park East
  • One Museum Park I
Address 1215 South Prairie Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60605
Neighborhood South Loop
Built 2008
Development companies
  • Enterprise Development Co.
  • Fogelson Properties
  • Forest City Enterprises
Architecture firm Pappageorge/Haymes
  • Residential
  • Skyscraper
Floors 65
Height 720 feet
Floor space 980,000 square feet
Residences 289 at opening
Automobile parking 382 spaces at opening
Construction material
  • Caissons: 146
  • Concrete: 53,300 cubic yards
  • Curtain wall: 275,000 square feet
  • Post-tensioning cables: 35,000 pounds
  • Rebar: 6,200 tons


Notable for both its design and its stature, One Museum Park became an instant landmark in Chicago's South Loop neighborhood when it was built. The fact that there were no buildings of similar hight nearby when it was built and its location near the lakefront proved challenging during construction with winds blowing through the unfinished tower clocked at up to 99 miles an hour, according to Midwest Construction magazine.

Now that it is completed, the blue glass skyscraper does an excellent job of complementing the two biggest elements of Chicago's environment -- the lake and the sky. Its shape, similar to the bow of a ship pushing up the lake shore is a nod to the importance of the body of water just a few hundred yards away. That bow is trailed by five setbacks which ripple like a wake behind the building's main facade.

The summit of the building is topped with an architectural crown and a curving screen which hides mechanical elements.


  • Construction of this building was complicated by the fact that the water table is just five feet below ground at this location.
  • Because this building rests on the former shoreline of Lake Michigan, during construction old seawalls, timber piles, and boulders had to be removed from deep underground.
  • Construction of this building was accomplished using green power sources through a partnership that included the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • This building's facade has no 90-degree angles.


2005 Groundbreaking
October 2008 This building was completed three weeks ahead of schedule.