Chicago Architecture Info

1000 Lake Shore Plaza

1000 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Basic Information
Designed by Sidney Morris & Associates
Type skyscraper
Floors: 55
Maximum height 590 feet/177 meters
Neighborhood: Gold Coast
More Information
  • Residences: 135
  • Developer: Harold L. Perlman
  • The addresses used by the buildings on this corner can be confusing. Both 1000 Lake Shore Drive and 1000 Lake Shore Plaza are part of the same property. 1000 Lake Shore Drive has the city legal address of 1002-1010 North Lake Shore Drive, but the county legal address of 1000-1010 North Lake Shore Drive. 1000 Lake Shore Plaza has the city legal address of 130 East Oak Street and the county legal address of 1000 North Lake Shore Drive.
  • Upon its completion, the developer of this building donated the rights to this roof to WTTW television for its broadcasting antenna.