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Hyatt The Loop Chicago

100 West Monroe Street, Chicago


Formerly 100 West Monroe
Address 100 West Monroe Street, Chicago, Illinois 60603
Neighborhood The Loop
Built 1927-1928
Architect Frank D. Chase
  • Hotel
  • Retail
  • Skyscraper
Floors 22
Height 295 feet


  • To the left of the main entrance to this building is a set of large doors. This is a passageway constructed so that cattle from William Jones' farm can reach his pasture. Though neither the farm nor the pasture exist anymore, the easement for this pathway was established in 1844, and legally must be maintained. The developers of 100 West Monroe fought this requirement in court and lost. Adding the cow accommodation increased the cost of this building by $200,000.


2015 The Hyatt The Loop Chicago opened in this newly renovated building.