Chicago Architecture Info

McCormick Place

2301 South Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60605
Basic Information
Designed by C. F. Murphy and Associates
Cost $35,000,000
Type Other
Neighborhood: South Loop
More Information
  • Floor space: 2,670,000 square feet
  • Architect of the first building: Alfred Shaw
  • Current original building architect: Gene Summers
  • Current original building architecture firm: C. F. Murphy and Associates
  • The original building is now known as the Lakeshore Center. It was formerly called McCormick Place East. The North, South, and West buildings were added later.
  • 1967: This building burned down in a massive fire, killing a security guard. The new building was erected on the foundations of the old.
  • 1971: The new convention center opened. Its design incorporated the old Aerie Crown Theater into the new building.
  • 1986: The North Building opened.
  • 1997: The South Building opened, making McCormick Place the largest convention center in the United States.
  • 2007: The West Building opened.