Chicago Architecture Info

The Steger Building

28 East Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, Illinois 60604
Basic Information
Designed by Marshall and Fox
Type Skyscraper
Floors: 19
Neighborhood: The Loop
More Information
  • Floor space: 90,312 square feet
  • Developer: John Steger
  • Architecture firm: Marshall & Fox
  • Building style: Classical Revival
  • This building was built for the Steger and Sons Piano Manufacturing Company. The town of Columbia Heights, Illinois changed its name to Steger in honor of John Steger, the company's founder, and the piano factory he built there.
  • This building was one of the key buildings in a commercial district known as "Music Row."
  • The terra cotta ornamentation was made by the Northwestern Terra Cotta Company
  • This was the first tall office building designed by Marshall & Fox
  • May 1, 1910: This building opened
  • May, 2013: This building was named a Chicago landmark
  • April, 1924: The Steger company sold the building to Starck Piano Company and went out of business