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Hotel Père Marquette

Formerly known as The Peoria Hilton
Hotel Père Marquette
501 Main Street
Peoria, Illinois 61602
Basic Information
Designed by Horace Trumbauer
Type Hotel
Floors: 14
Neighborhood: Downtown Peoria
More Information
  • January 5, 1927: This hotel opened for business.
  • 1930: An addition is put on this building, adding 125 rooms to the existing 350.
  • 1951: This hotel was sold to Boss Hotels.
  • 1954: The hotel's mezzanine level is enclosed and the spectacular lobby ceiling is hidden behind a false ceiling.
  • 1966: The crystal is removed from the ballroom chandeliers.
  • 1972: The hotel's grand main entrance on Main Street was bricked up.
  • 1972: Hilton Hotels takes over this property.