Chicago Architecture Info

Greenstone United Methodist Church

Formerly known as The Pullman Palace Car Company Church
11211 South Saint Lawrence Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60628
Basic Information
Designed by Solon Spencer Beman
Cost $57,000
Type holy place
Neighborhood: Pullman
Bounding Streets:
East 112th Street
South Saint Lawrence Street
East 113th Street
South Champlain Avenue
More Information
  • Seating capacity: 600
  • Unlike many buildings in Chicago which are made of local Joliet limestone, this building's limestone came from Pennsylvania.
  • This church was consecrated by Reverend Doctor James Pullman, the brother of town founder, George Pullman.
  • This was intended to be a single church to serve all the denominations of Pullman, but the religious leaders could not come up with a sharing agreement. It was eventually sold to the Methodist Church in 1906.
  • Developer:
  • The Pullman Palace Car Company
  • 1881: This building was consecrated.