Chicago Architecture Info

Burberry Flagship Store

633 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Basic Information
Designed by Callison Barteluce Architects
Cost $10,000,000
Type retail
Floors: 5
Neighborhood: Gold Coast
Bounding Streets:
North Michigan Avenue
East Erie Street
East Ontario Street
North Saint Clair Street
More Information
  • This building replaced a 2-story retail store built in 1939.
  • This building follows a standard design for Burberry stores, but had to be modified to replace the building-high video screen with a channel of windows in order to get approval from the city of Chicago.
  • To maximize flexibility and display space, this building has no interior columns.
  • Developer: Burberry
  • Architecture firm: Callison Barteluce Architects
  • Local architecture firm: Solomon Cordwell Buenz