Chicago Architecture Info


Also known as
Chicago Picasso
Tête de Femme
Daley Plaza
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Basic Information
Designed by Pablo Picasso
Cost $0
Type Monument
Maximum height 50 feet/15 meters
Neighborhood: The Loop
More Information
  • Weight: 324,000 pounds
  • Height: 50 feet. Note that there are some sources which claim the height is 58 feet. The 50 foot figure comes from the Public Building Commission of Chicago
  • The statue is made of Cor-Ten (corrosive tensile) steel, as is the Richard J. Daley Center behind it.
  • The irony is that Pablo Picasso gave this massive work of art to the city of Chicago, even though he'd never been to the city, and never went during his lifetime.
  • Picasso was not paid for this statue. He refused to talk about any payment.
  • Picasso didn't actually create this statue. He created 42-inch-tall version of his vision, which was then executed by U.S. Steel Corporation.
  • 15 August, 1967: The statue was unveiled in what was then known as Civic Center Plaza. It was the first of many public works of art to adorn the Loop district.