Chicago Architecture Info

Peoples Gas Company Building

Official name: 122 South Michigan
Also known as
People's Gas Company Building
Formerly known as The Gas Building
Peoples Gas Light and Coke Company Building
122 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60603
Basic Information
Designed by D.H. Burnham & Company
Type Skyscraper
Floors: 21
Neighborhood: The Loop
More Information
  • Floor space: 525,000 square feet
  • Steel used in construction: 9,385 tons.
  • Bronze ornamentation: 30 tons.
  • Mahogany used: 250,000 board feet.
  • The granite columns are 26 feet tall, 4 and a half feet in diameter, and weigh 30 tons each.
  • The entrance floor is covered with marble quarried from the same source near Athens, Greece where the stone for the Parthenon was quarried. The rest of the marble for the building came from quarries from the Greek islands.
  • The mahogany used in this building came from islands in the Indian Ocean.
  • This building's second floor used to be a mezzanine for a monumental entrance hall.
  • This building was erected in two phases. When the north portion of the building was completed, the former gas company headquarters (in an old hotel) was razed, and the southern portion was built.
  • 1910: Construction began on this building.
  • 1911: Construction was completed on this building.
  • July, 1984: This building is sold to First City Developments Corporation.
  • 1985: This building was sold to Travelers Realty Investment Company.
  • August, 1994: This building was sold to S.N. Phelps Realty.
  • 1995: Peoples Gas moved out of its namesake building.
  • 1998: A plan is floated to convert the first seven stories of this building into a hotel.