Chicago Architecture Info

The Park Tower

Also known as
The Park Hyatt Chicago Tower
800 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Basic Information
Designed by Lucien Lagrange Architects
Type Skyscraper
Floors: 70
Neighborhood: Near North Side
More Information
  • Hotel rooms: 203
  • Residences: 117
  • Additional floors: The mechanical equipment space on the 68th floor is large enough that it is counted as three floors.
  • Retail floor space: 14,668 square feet
  • Architect: Lucien Lagrange
  • Structural engineer: Chris Stefanos Associates
  • Developer: LR Development
  • Although this building is frequently described as being 67 stories tall, that is incorrect. It is 68 stories.
  • This is the first building in the United States to be designed with a tuned mass damper from the outset. While other skyscrapers in America have the anti-sway contraptions, they were always added later.
  • This building was originally intended to be 650 feet tall. But the ceiling heights were increased, allowing it to reach 844 feet.
  • When this building opened, one of its selling points was the views of the city from the hotel bathtubs.
  • The pendulum in the top mechanical floor weighs 400 tons.
  • The top eight floors of this building each contain only one residence. Each residence is 8,400 square feet.