Chicago Architecture Info

Navy Pier

Formerly known as Municipal Pier #2
600 East Grand Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Basic Information
Designed by Charles Sumner Frost
Cost $4,500,000
Type Entertainment Venue
Maximum length 3 feet/1 meters
Neighborhood: Near North Side
More Information
  • Architect: Charles Sumner Frost
  • Structural engineer: Edward Clapp Shankland
  • There are more than 200 U.S. Navy planes at the bottom of Lake Michigan from failed training missions conducted from Navy Pier.
  • 15,000 Naval airmen passed their training at Navy Pier during World War II.
  • The Navy trained a total of 60,000 people at Navy Pier.
  • 1914: Construction began.
  • 1916: Construction was completed.
  • 1917: The pier is used by the military and the Red Cross during the first World War.
  • 1927: Municipal Pier is renamed Navy Pier.
  • 1942: The U.S. Navy begins using Navy Pier for training operations.
  • July,1946: The U.S. Navy closes its operations at Navy Pier.
  • 1946: The University of Illinois Navy Pier opens at this location.
  • 1965: The university moves to its current location on the city's southwest side and becomes known as the University of Illinois Chicago Circle.
  • 1976: The disintegrating pier is renovated to mark the nation's 200th birthday.
  • 1977: Navy Pier is named a Chicago landmark.
  • September 13, 1979: Added to the National Register of Historic Places
  • 1999: The Chicago Shakespeare Theater opens at Navy Pier.
  • 2000: The Smith Museum of Stained Glass open at Navy Pier.
  • *2007: The Chicago Children's Museum declares its intention to leave Navy Pier due to space constraints.