Chicago Architecture Info

The Boeing Corporate Headquarters

Formerly known as Boeing World Headquarters
Morton International Building
Morton Thiokol Building
100 North Riverside Plaza
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Basic Information
Designed by Perkins+Will
Cost $170,000,000
Type Skyscraper
Floors: 36
Maximum height 561 feet/168 meters
Neighborhood: The Loop
More Information
  • Floor space: 770,300 square feet
  • Parking spaces: 435
  • Architect: Ralph Johnson
  • Developer: Rubloff
  • Developer: Orient Leasing Company
  • Developer: Illinois Bell Telephone Company
  • The clock tower extends six stories above the main roof.
  • 1997: This building is sold for $167 million.
  • 2003: Boeing is given $63,000,000 in public incentives to move its headquarters to this building from Seattle.
  • 2005: Boeing buys this building from its landlord for about $200 million.
  • December, 2007: Boeing decides to change the name from "Boeing World Headquarters" to merely the "Boeing Corporate Offices."'