Chicago Architecture Info

The Crain Communications Building

Also known as
Diamond Building
Formerly known as 150 North Michigan Avenue
Smurfit-Stone Building
Stone Container Building
Associates Center
150 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Basic Information
Designed by A. Epstein and Sons
Type Skyscraper
Floors: 41
Maximum height 575 feet/173 meters
Neighborhood: The Loop
More Information
  • Rentable floor space: 625,205 square feet.
  • The building that used to be on this site was the John Crerar Library. The 14-story building was erected in 1920 and designed by Holabird and Roche.
  • One of the bogus "facts" sometimes presented by Chicago tour guides is that this building's sloping roof was designed to keep it's shadow from falling on a beach. This is incorrect. There isn't a beach anywhere near this building. There was a controversy over a building on Lake Shore Drive casting a shadow on the Ohio Street Beach in 2006, but that building was erected anyway with no alterations to its plan.
  • The top five floors of this building are empty and are not included in its official floor count.
  • 2010: This building's name was changed from Smurfit-Stone Building to 150 North Michigan Avenue.
  • 2011: Smurfit-Stone moved out of this building after being bought by a company in Georgia.
  • March, 2012: The building name was changed to Crain Communications Building.