Fourth Presbyterian Tower in Chicago

Photo of Fourth Presbyterian Tower in Chicago, Illinois
Proposed location of the Fourth Presbyterian Tower
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz/Artefaqs Corporation

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Fourth Presbyterian Tower

126 East Chestnut Street, Chicago, Illinois, Gold Coast 60611
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One of the most controversial skyscraper projects in Chicago in the 2000's, the Fourth Presbyterian Tower was proposed for an underutilized scrap of land immediately behind Fourth Presbyterian Church. In exchange for allowing the project to proceed, the church would have retained ownership of the land, and the first few floors of the tower, which would have been used for offices and community outreach. Through the use of air rights, the developer would have owned the rest of the building above what the church occupied.

The majority of opposition came from people living in other high-rise condominiums in the area whose views would have disturbed by this building. They cited noise and traffic as reasons for not allowing the tower to go up, however those argument were mostly a red herring, especially in light of the fact that the skyscraper would have brought in only a few hundred more residents, compared to the tens of thousands of tourists that flood that section of Michigan Avenue each day.

In February of 2009 -- about the time the building would have been completed, Fourth Presbyterian Church scrapped the plan because of the bad economy, and unfriendly neighbors.

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