150 North Riverside in Chicago

Photo of 150 North Riverside in Chicago, Illinois
Image courtesy of Goettsch Partners

Chicago IL 4.19.2017

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150 North Riverside

150 North Riverside Plaza, Chicago, Illinois, West Loop 60606
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Quick Facts
  • Floors above street level: 53
  • Floors below street level: 2
  • Elevators: 22
  • Total floor space: 1,371,000 square feet
  • Office floor space: 1,200,000 square feet
  • Height to top of highest occupied floor: 707½ feet
  • The building's main mass hangs 42½ feet over the east and west sides of the structural core
  • Glassed-in lobby size: 20,624 square feet
  • Park size: 63,503 square feet
  • Parking: 77 spaces
  • Developer: John O’Donnell
  • Developer: U.S. Equities
  • Architect: Jim Goettsch
  • The construction of this building eliminated North West Water Street
Green Things
  • Green roof: 59,410 square feet
  • Bicycle parking: 25 spaces
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