The Unnamed Willis Tower Hotel in Chicago

Photo of The Unnamed Willis Tower Hotel in Chicago, Illinois
No image is available, as this structure is still in the planning stages.


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The Unnamed Willis Tower Hotel

253 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois, The Loop 60606
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Quite a fuss was kicked up in the summer of 2009 when plans for this building were announced. They came in the middle of a recession, leaving many to wonder if it was the best time for the owners of the 110-story Willis Tower to try to build this 50-story companion tower next door.

But the owners of the building were sanguine -- noting that they planned to take their time building it, and hoped to time the completion of the new skyscraper to coincide with a strong point in the Chicago real estate market.

Though no designs were shown to the public, specifications included advanced environmental systems that would ensure the building drew no more electricity from the local grid than it returned through wind turbines, solar technology, or other means.

Quick Facts
  • Construction start: 2010
  • Construction finish: 2014
  • Cost: $225,000,000
  • Type: Skyscraper
  • Stories: 50
  • June 24, 2009: A plan was announced to build this 50-story hotel next to the Willis Tower.
  • Architect: Adrian Smith
  • Architecture firm: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
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