New William B. Ogden Elementary School in Chicago

Photo of New William B. Ogden Elementary School in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

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New William B. Ogden Elementary School
Official name:William B. Ogden School

24 West Walton Street, Chicago, Illinois, Gold Coast 60611
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The new Ogden Elementary School replaces a beloved structure that combined several art and architectural styles into a building that was never quite visually satisfactory.

The old building use Prairie School lines and shelves to create a squat pile, and was accented with Art Nouveau touches that seemed out of place.

The new Ogden School is a three-story structure that manages to squeeze 30 classrooms, a half-dozen laboratories, and associated support space into what amounts to a half city block.

In keeping with the trends of the era in which it was developed, the building sports several green roofs. Since horizontal space is a precious commodity, the playground is located on the roof, surrounded by tall fencing. It looks much like the kind of exercise yard you'd see at the top of an urban prison.

Quick Facts
  • Stories above ground: 3
  • Stories below ground: 1
  • Classrooms: 30
  • Laboratories: 4
  • Parking spaces: 90
  • July, 2009: Start of demolition.
  • April, 2010: Construction start.
  • November, 2011: Construction end.
  • January, 2012: Opening.
Green Things
  • 50% of the roof is planned to be a green roof.
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