1550 State Parkway in Chicago

Photo of 1550 State Parkway in Chicago, Illinois
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1550 State Parkway

1550 State Parkway, Chicago, Illinois, Gold Coast 60610
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  The most exquisite Beaux-Arts residential building in Chicago, Benjamin Marshall's masterpiece was the height of luxury in 1917 apartment living, with one 15 room apartment per floor. Each apartment had a suite of 3 connecting rooms - living, dining and reception - which spanned the entire 100' depth of the building, overlooking the park. There were 4 family and 1 guest bedroom, each with bath, as well as 4 servants' rooms. The kitchens had huge built-in refrigerators with 3 separate compartments, including one which could be filled with ice from the service entrance so the iceman would not have to enter the apartment. The stove had 2 grills so, as the marketing materials explained, meat and fish need never be prepared on the same grill. There was a butler pantry, silver vault, wine closet and many other uncommon amenities, including a built-in vacuum system. The building had its own private water filtration system.Over the years the apartments were divided into 33 separate units, still very luxurious, although many owners have unfortunately removed much of the beautiful woodwork, enameling, ceiling medallions, and other vintage features. Still the exterior has not changed and has been well maintained, and this building remains the crowning jewel of Marshall's residential collection.

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