The Park Michigan in Chicago

Photo of The Park Michigan in Chicago, Illinois
Photo of The Park Michigan in Chicago, Illinois
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Photo of The Park Michigan in Chicago, Illinois
Photo of The Park Michigan in Chicago, Illinois

A marching army.

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The Park Michigan

830 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, South Loop 60605
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Text by Wayne Lorentz

In 2006 an interesting project appeared in the exponentially growing South Loop at 830 South Michigan Avenue. Completely out of scale with the surrounding development, the Park Michigan tried not to be an unfriendly looming neighbor by keeping its features neat and slim. At 80 stories, it would have easily become a landmark in the area, and provided some spectacular views of the city, the lake, and beyond. When viewed from the Adler Planetarium, it might have proven to be a great match for the Sears Tower, and Aon Center, already so prominent in Chicago's skyline.

Part of the plan would have gutted an existing YWCA on the site which would have become a restaurant. This tower portion would have replaced a surface parking lot, and there were plans for a grocery store and other retail on the ground floor.

Quick Facts
  • July, 2008: The Chicago Architecture Blog reports that this project has been canceled and the property is up for sale once again.
  • Although this building was going to have the vanity address of 830 South Michigan, it would have actually been on Wabash at 9th Street.
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There are seven comments.

  A great addition to the skyline, with respectfull proportions! I mean in classical style...stunning!

Chicago is unreal! - Saturday, June 21st, 2008 @ 4:40am  

  this building is way too big. the congestion will be horrible. its completely out of place with the neighborhood.

joe j - Saturday, May 10th, 2008 @ 6:17pm  

  A wonderful piece of work...another treasure to add to our already growing skyline. What a great foundation to bring back the life of the south loop. UnlikeOne Museum, this building seems to offer luxurious seclusion on S. Michigan in a more personable sense.

Brian - Monday, February 4th, 2008 @ 5:38pm  

  It looks absolutely ridiculous. Do you know what scale and proportion are? This building is completely at odds with the rest of this respectable, classy and historically significant streetscape. This would ruin the South Loop in more ways than just appearance. The enormous congestion would drive residents "away", not "to".

Marsha - Friday, August 17th, 2007 @ 6:01pm  

  In three words...I love it! This structure is very prestigous and its about time that the downtown area grows outside of the suspension bridge style skyline look that Chicago has had for over 40 years, where the Hancock building sets the northern boundary and the Amoco building is like a middle support column of a suspension bridge and then the Sears Tower would be the other end of a suspension bridge bordering off the downtown area on the south side with only short buildings to it's south. I feel that this building (Park Michigan) being as tall as it is, will not only be a great added feature to our skyline, but it will begin to bring Chicago's wealthy to the once poverty stricken south side. I feel that it is better to mix up the entire Chicago area racially, religously, and with income levels much like NYC has done; than to have one area be super rich and then right across the street to the south be super poor as the south loop has been for many many years until the Honorable Mayor Richard M. Daley took on the amazing task of cleaning that area up therefore making it possible for developers to once again consider building buildings such as these on the south end of the city. I say good job with the design of the building; the building looks elegant and will make way for an exciting future on the city's south side and also great job Mayor Daley! Keep up the good work, Chicago has never looked so good. We're the next New York!!!

Jim - Wednesday, March 28th, 2007 @ 1:45pm  

  A wonderful addition to the south loop area. About twenty years ago this area was a complete drug infested dump. Build it!!!

mike c - Wednesday, February 14th, 2007 @ 6:27pm