Tall Tower in Chicago

Photo of Tall Tower in Chicago, Illinois
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Tall Tower

Lake Shore Drive between Illinois and Grand, Chicago, Illinois, Near North Side 60601
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Planned as a broadcast tower along Chicago's lakefront, the Tall Tower would have a big impact on the skyline. Assuming it is built, it would be around the same height as the proposed Fordham Spire. Assuming both are built, they will be massive twin towers at the center of the city and a new icon for the home of the skyscraper.

The Tall Tower is envisioned as a building with three long legs connected at six points. Toward the top, the building comes together to form a pod for restaurants and observation decks. This would then be topped by a pair of thick antennae that are being compared to a tweezer or a pair of scissors. In a Chicago Tribune interview the architect, Cesar Pelli, preferred to compare it to a ship's mast, which is appropriate considering its proximity to Navy Pier, the Chicago River, and Lake Michigan.

Quick Facts
    > If completed, this would become the tallest free-standing structure in North America, taking the title away from the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada.
    > The parcel of land this antenna is planned for is currently zoned for a 60-story building.
    > The project is being proposed by J. Paul Beitler and L.R. Development Company.
    > The Chicago Planning Department has been notified of the project, but there have been no formal approvals given by the city yet.

    > March 10, 2006 - The Chicago Tribune reports that plans for this tower have been put on hold. The tower may end up at another Chicago location while the site is used for a previously-planned 58-story condo block.
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