Lake-Michigan Building in Chicago

Photo of Lake-Michigan Building in Chicago, Illinois
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz. Licensed to Artefaqs Corporation

Chicago, Illinois

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Lake-Michigan Building
Also known as:International Harvester Building

180 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, The Loop 60601
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Quick Facts
  • This was the home of the original midwest studios of the NBC radio network. At the time it began operating in 1927 there was no NBC station in Chicago, so the programs produced here were aired on WGN, WLIB, KYW, and WEBH, all in Chicago. The Chicago shows also aired on NBC stations from Minneapolis to Dallas to Atlanta.
  • NBC built two radio studios in this building. To reduce the transmission of sound, they were isolated from the rest of the building's structure by floating them walls, floors, and ceilings on cushions of felt. It was designed so that a brass band could play at full volume in one studio and not be heard in the adjacent studio or the other parts of the building.
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