Epworth United Methodist Church in Chicago

Photo of Epworth United Methodist Church in Chicago, Illinois
Photograph courtesy of Bruce A. Greene

Airlifted pipes.

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Epworth United Methodist Church
Formerly:Epworth Methodist Episcopal Church
Formerly:Epworth Methodist Church

5253 North Kenmore Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, Edgewater 60640
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Text by Bruce A. Greene

This is an amazing building. It appears as a fortress outside. The interior in understated elegance. Nothing to distract you during worship. The details are constantly surprising when you explore. The pipe organ is incredible sounding.

Quick Facts
  • 1929: Expansion work begun by architects Theilbard and Fugard
  • 1930: Expansion completed.
  • 2005: Issued an historical instrument certicicate by the Organ Historical Society.
  • 2008: Added to the National Register of Historic Places
  • Townsend's largest known commission designed in the Richardsonian Romanesque Revival style.
  • The stained glass window is attributed to Healy and Millet.
  • This is one of the largest examples of Victorian stained-glass in Chicago.
  • This building contains Memorial Moller pipe organ opus #5881 by Dr. William Barnes.
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Epworth United Methodist Church in Chicago.  Photo by Bruce A. Greene
Photograph courtesy of Bruce A. Greene