Saint Edmund School in Oak Park

Photo of Saint Edmund School in Oak Park, Illinois
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz

Airlifted pipes.

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Saint Edmund School

200 South Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois, Oak Park 60302
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A copy of Palace of Justice in Rouen, France, Saint Edmund School appears ever bit a Gothic French construction. Like its parent church across the street, its form reaches for the sky, while remaining firmly rooted in the earth below. From the pediment above the doorway to the railings to the gables, everything looks upward. However, the students may not see it that way. The windows are divided into rows and rows of panes. To an adult it is an historic complement to the building's design. To a child, it probably looks like they're in jail. Though that might be a relief compared to the main portal which looks like a giant scary mouth, complete with fangs, that might devour them.

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