Francis J. Wooley House in Oak Park

Photo of Francis J. Wooley House in Oak Park, Illinois
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz

Chicago, Illinois

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Francis J. Wooley House

1030 West Superior, Oak Park, Illinois, Oak Park 60302
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The Francis J. Wooley House is another Frank Lloyd Wright project, but it lacks the majesty and intensity that is the signature of his other designs. The octagon turret is here, but doesn’t end in a grand cap. Instead, it is just absorbed by the roofline. The walled-in porch is also here, but there’s not a lot of porch to really wall in. And of course, there are the Wright roofs. But in this case, not high-pitched like in his other works of the same time period, but lower, with less acute angles. In this home we can see experimentation and the evolution of the Wright style.

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