100 Forest Place in Oak Park

Photo of 100 Forest Place in Oak Park, Illinois
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz

Airlifted pipes.

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100 Forest Place

100 Forest Place, Oak Park, Illinois, Oak Park 60301
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Is it possible to make a Prairie-style skyscraper? It’s not known if the effect was intentional, but in the home town of Frank Lloyd Wright, certain similarities cannot be ignored. 100 Forest place features the long brown parallel lines common in Wright designs, but in this case they are vertical instead of horizontal. Art glass would be impractical in a building of this size. But the windows are divided near the bottom in much the same way a typical art glass window has a glass border around it. But there are other interesting qualities to this building other than links to Wright. Specifically, the building tries very hard to move its visual mass to its upper stories. This is accomplished by placing the setbacks at the lower levels; having angled corner windows in the lower stories, topped by jutting corner windows at the upper stories; and widening the center façade lines at the top of the building like an upside down Fuji. The result is a building that does not overwhelm pedestrians in its pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, while refusing to be left behind among the ranks of Oak Park skyscrapers.

Quick Facts
  • Residences in the tower: 144
  • Total residences: 234
  • Parking: 235 spaces
  • Developer: RESCORP Development
  • Developer: Savings & Loan Network
  • This was formerly the location of a public school
  • Architect: Phillip Kupritz
  • Architect: James Caron
  • Architecture firm: Kupritz, Caron
  • The parking garage uses quarried stone pillars instead of concrete columns.
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