The Clarence Buckingham Fountain in Chicago

Photo of The Clarence Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, Illinois
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz

Chicago, Illinois

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The Clarence Buckingham Fountain

Columbus Drive, Chicago, Illinois, Grant Park 60605
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Quick Facts
  • Width 280 feet
  • Maximum spray height: 115 feet
  • Spray nozzles: 134
  • August 30, 2000: This fountain was named a Chicago landmark.
  • Architect: Edward H. Bennett
  • Architecture firm: Bennett, Parsons, and Frost
  • The bronze sculpture was created by Marcel Francois Loyau.
  • The fountain was a gift to the City of Chicago from Kate Buckingham in honor of her brother, Clarence.
  • The fountain's pump have 515 horsepower.
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There are three comments.

  The fountain is a breathtaking site, especially at night when colored lights illuminate the dancing water. Children seem fascinated by the fountain and regularly try to sneak under the fence to get a better look. It is dramatic, elegant, beautiful, everything one could wish to grace the lakeshore park area of this wonderful city.

Sara Fieberg - Thursday, July 31st, 2008 @ 1:30pm  

  who wouldnt enjoy the Buckingham Foutain. It is a beautiful foutain that many generations have enjoyed and will enjoy.

kirby - Thursday, December 7th, 2006 @ 8:46pm  

  All of my life I have enjoyed this fountain, as well as the whole area it is located in. Now with satellite imaging I can really see how intricate the entire location is. It was designed after the Latona fountain in Versailles, so they say, but I see no resemblance to it other than they are both round. Buckingham fountain is twice the size of Latonia and is the largest fountain in the World, with 113 jets and three levels, the highest being 25 feet above the bottom one. The gardens around the fountain are intricate, but not nearly as intricate as those found at Versailles though. But then again, Versailles is a palace and Buckingham fountain and the accompanying gardens are part of a public park. It is still a spectacular setting that you can find no place else in America. Where else can you go and see a water show and a light show absolutely free today? The dancing of the jets as the colors change is something you will never forget. When I was young and we were poor I would walk to the lakefront and just sit there watching the fountain put on its show, then go over to the Field Museum and look at the dinosaur skeletons, the Planetarium to watch the star show and finally the Shedd Aquarium to watch the fish. It was a full day of adventure for a young boy and cost nothing. Today you do have to pay to get into the museum, planetarium and aquarium but the fountain is still free for everyone.

Dale Johnson - Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006 @ 5:31am