525 West Monroe in Chicago

Photo of 525 West Monroe in Chicago, Illinois
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz/Artefaqs Corporation

Airlifted pipes.

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525 West Monroe

525 West Monroe Street, Chicago, Illinois, West Loop 60661
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The Chicago skyline is littered with black glass blocks; but 525 West Monroe one is a little better than most. Instead of going for the plain, boring square shape, some variety has been added. The north-facing rooflines are sloped, and marched by a sloping atrium at the base. Instead of faceless windows that blend into the overall structure of the building, 525 celebrates its windows by outlining them in white aluminum and arranging them in elongated portholes. But instead of being reminiscent of an old city bus, they help to reveal the scale of the building by showing the relative size of the people inside. All in all, not a bad presentation.

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